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What is this perennial that blooms in the autumn?

Jeb zone 5
2 months ago

Hello - this is something that I intentionally planted more than 20 yrs ago and have completely forgotten the name of it.

It is obviously in the Aster family of plants and from what I do remember, it isn't under the same Latin name as fall asters, Symphyotrichum - maybe its Latin name started with the letter "D" - ? I am not sure about that. I am pretty sure that it isn't some kind of Boltonia.

This plant normally grows about 2 1/2 feet tall, and is more upright growing than the plant in my picture which has been shaded out by a shrub growing next to it. The plant does best growing in full sun. This plant only flowers at the end of summer and is at its best in October.

Thanks for any help with this, I have racked my brain for several years trying to remember what this is and have come up with nothing!

Growing in zone 5 north east Ohio.

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