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Thought on why this Lucky Bamboo is suddenly dying?

I've had this bamboo in the same location for YEARS; maybe as many as 10 years, but I'm not sure.

I usually just fill it up with water weekly and it's fine. I recently had to leave town for 9 days, though, and I watered it before I left. When I came back it was kinda droopy, so I put it in the kitchen sink and filled it with water (well water) just over the rim of the little pot for about 30 minutes, then put it back in place and made sure the pot was full.

Something I've done a dozen times in the past.

It's been a week, though, and not only have the leaves not perked back up, now they're turning yellow and dying!

Have I inadvertently killed it?

That can't be a good omen... :-O

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