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Did My Contractor Damage The Bricks?

2 months ago

I hired a contractor for a variety of jobs like re-caulking windows, resealing back patio, etc. They rushed through the window job and it looked terrible so I made them redo it. The last project we paid them for was to remove the white staining from the exterior brick. Initially, they used a gentle cleaner (more environmentally friendly) but it didn’t remove the stains. They told me they needed to use a cleaner that’s more powerful (bleach based), so I gave the go ahead thinking that there was no other method to remove the stains. After scrubbing the brick with the new cleaner for a few hours, it looked like this (see pics). I inquired about it since it sticks out in an awful way. They told me that the brick sealant is too new (It isn’t. Probably a decade old.) so they “needed to wait until the spring” to figure it out. I asked them if it would look like this permanently and they never responded. SO what happened? Can this be fixed?

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