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Are my hopseed bushes doomed?

Colibri C
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I have a row of purple hopseed bushes lining the edge of my property. I noticed a month or two ago that one of them died completely. (Not the one pictured, which still has lots of live leaves but is the worst looking of the bunch). All the rest have live leaves but I am concerned that they have quite a few dead blooms and are not filling out with leaves as they should be. I wonder if they have been overwatered. I had old drip on them with maybe 2 emitters per bush and changed it to netafim techline. They definitely began receiving more water than they were receiving before given the difference between the two drip systems. I think they were set to water 20 min a week or something. I am not sure exactly how much water they were receiving, but our irrigation installer said the output is 1 gallon per hour (edit: I looked into the techline and it appears that the installer picked too high an emitter flow for the netafim and it should have been lower flow for clay/clay loam soil, either .26 or .4 GPH instead).

I turned off the irrigation entirely about a month ago.

Does the photo attached look like they are suffering? Is it possible to reverse course and how? I am in North County San Diego.

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