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Added Chlorine to new Diamond Brite Pool!

Michelle Barnes
3 months ago

I recently had Diamond Brite applied to my pool, but wasn't clearly instructed on the aftercare process. I contacted my pool company but didn’t set up an appointment in time and got stuck over a holiday weekend with no contact from my pool company on how to proceed. I don't know why I didn't go to the Diamond Brite site, but I panicked and went to my local pool store and explained the situation. They gave me 3 chemicals to put in the pool until the guy could come out. (Stabilizer, Muriatic Acid, and Chlorine). Now I read DO NOT add Chlorine. My pool company was not happy when they finally got back to me.

How badly did I damage my pool? It's 3 days in and it looks great. At the moment I'm brushing it once a day, just read I should do it twice but I work a lot - will this also hurt my pool?

(the water is a little cloudy from sanding on the patio and the reflection of the trees but I don't see any bad spots)

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