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Coretec Grande Series - Aleta, Goldin and Petronas

David M.
3 months ago

Anyone install Grande Aleta Oak? Trying to decide between Grande Aleta, Grande Petronas, Grande Goldin.

We like Aleta look, but are worried about making room seem smaller with dark flooring. Is an Southern Farm style house with wrap around porch and dormers.

Any feedback on Petronas or Goldin? Or Coretec in general?

I saw a post re Petronas where home owner was dissatisifed as 2x3 board is nice all consistent color, but actual boards for in install had dark ends and areas that were no consistent with sample board.

Dislike dark ends that must match up to light ends/edges. With traditional hardwood oak and smaller 3 inch boards, the color difference seem to blend, but with large width LVP I am finding that printed boards with dark edges (light in case of dark color) really pop. I also do not like soft plump bevels as this reminds me of big box LVP. I am wondering if best just to go with engineered wood so coloring more consistent across boards or stick to basic smaller real oak hardwood.

Appreciate any input. Looking for that natural balanced medium oak large floor plank look that is not cookie 48inch boards (made for pallet shipping), preferably with board sizes varying.

Lastly, Venado Oak looks really nice and authentic, but I can see it taking the skin off my feet and little boy's knees as very accentuated grain ridges. Too much for us.

Any example real installed pics and feedback re Grande Aleta, Grande Petronas and Grande Golden Oak are appreciated. As well as advice on alternatives.

Thanks in advance,


PS. First posting on Houzz.

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