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Cupressus cashmeriana fastigiate in southern Brazil

Gustavo Dienstmann
3 months ago

Hello everyone,

it has been many years since my last post here, but I thought ’d share something interesting.

2011 I lived in France and managed through this forum to get kashmir cypress seeds from the famous tree at Isola Madre. I took them to my hometown in southern Brazil, made many sprout - about 30, gave them to friends and enthusiasts. That time I also planted 2 seedlings of Abies firma, maybe the only true firs in Brazil, but unfortunately they were cut down for lack of information by a caretaker.

In the meantime I moved to Germany and recently got pictures of some of the kashmir cypress I planted. Many are quite blueish, and one of them has an amazing vertical growth, being almost fastigiate. I believe taking cuttings of it would be of horticultural value. The two trees growing right next to it have a more standard, broad form.

Any advice on its reproduction, or opinion?



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