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Gold splash euonymous

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I'm considering gold splash euonymous for the home of a relative in 6b Ohio. I've never grown this plant myself, but the small size and gold-green evergreen color I think would be perfect in the spot I want to put them. That is, if they look and behave like the pictures lol and advertised size of 18"-2' tall and wide.

I'm concerned because I'm reading euonymous can be more like groundcover or climbing vine, achieving the shrub form only through regular pruning. I'd be around to visit maybe a few times a year to do this, but my relatives would not be able to do it themselves. I have read that gold splash is more inclined to take the shrub form on its own than other varieties - is this true?

I'm also concerned because I've read euonymous can be invasive. But proven winners claims that this variety is not. Also wondering if that is true.

Looking for any advice! Thanks!

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