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Favorite citrus tree varieties to grow?

Hello all,

I thought I'd start a discussion on this, since it's been awhile.

What is everyone's favorite variety of citrus to grow? And I'm not looking at grocery store varieties, more the kind that you can't commonly get.

I have a huge Nagami kumquat that I'm rehoming and replacing (long story, but it was grafted improperly among other issues and just never grew healthy. I have a family member who is going to take it in as they don't mind a decorative tree, but I grow my plants for fruit and have limited space. So it's getting replaced with a healthy tree that will produce fruit). So I would love some input on which varieties people like the best for growing in pots outside of normal citrus regions. I'm looking for taste of the fruit, appearance of the tree (my citrus live in my living room, and the Nagami is part of a pair of kumquats that live on both sides of a big window) is the foliage darker, what kind of growth habit, appearance of the bark, etc. As well as utility of the fruit (is it something that's great for eating/using or do I need to process it a ton to make it edible - calamondin?) Some varieties I've been considering are: bergamot orange, limequat, centennial kumquat, new zealand lemonade, and australian finger lime.

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