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Help improve our kitchen design!!!

Liling Yeo
2 months ago

We would like some ideas to help improve our kitchen design.

Our current state of kitchen are shown in real photos. Vision of the kitchen is shown via the IKEA kitchen design. We plan to knock down the 2 walls in-between to have an open concept area.

Couple of things that we feel strongly about:

1. We want the island to sit 5 to 6 pax.
We are ok to not have an actual dining table instead, we would have a small round table that sits 4. In the design it shows a circle and that would be where we will place the round table. (Note that the circle is drawn bigger than what we want and we can't modify it)

2. We would like to have the sink, dishwasher and stove on the side of the wall.

3. The cabinets around the fridge should be flushed (Note that the design does not accurately reflect what we want)

4. We would not be resizing the big window and we will not be adding a new window above the sink.

5. There is an existing smaller window that will be closed out to have the stove in there.

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