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French Provincial vs Granny Chic

2 months ago

Help! Construction on our sunroom is almost complete, and I still don't have a clear picture of how I want it styled. Attached is a mood board of items and ideas that I have been toying with. (The French Provincial desk & chair, as well as the drop leaf table are musts. The other chairs are maybes.) I've also attached several potential layouts. The room is 14"x17" with glass on three sides (east, south & west). The north side will be covered in shelves and cupboards. The purpose of the room is to provide space for my husband's office, a place for me to sew/craft/grow plants, and a place for hubby and I to relax. It is accessible from the primary bedroom, and not intended as public space. I committed the cardinal sin of falling in love with one piece of furniture (FP desk) and am now trying to build a room around it. My biggest issue is regarding the floor. Because I am in a very northern climate, lino is my best option. I have chosen a black and white harlequin (checkerboard) pattern, striving for a classic look. My fear is that it will end up looking more "garage sale in a 50s diner!" And I think I'm having my usual problem of cramming too much into one room. Any assistance would be welcome!

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