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Whirlpool glass top electric range/oven

Eric W
2 months ago

Hello, my electric oven doesn’t work reliably. about 25% of the time it works ok, but most of the time it doesn’t heat up properly. I can set it at say 425 degrees, and it will initially heat up to about 200 and just sit there. the bake element will glow red for a minute or two initially and then just stop heating. the ”oven heating” light on the control panel remains lit, like it’s trying to heat but the power isn’t getting to the element. if I leave it alone for a long time (like an hour+) it will sometimes eventually come up to temp but something is obviously wrong. i want to have someone come look at it but you know it’s one of those things when someone looks at it it will work ok that time 🙄. the broiler seems to work fine but I don’t use it very often. the temp sensor inside the oven isn’t touching the sides or anything like that. the range top works fine as well. is that a common problem?

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