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Can any stone be used as "flagstone", even if it's thicker stone?

Jeff Smith
2 months ago

For a patio and front walkway the design review board approved a certain stone BLEND. However, this stone blend isn't available as flagstone (thinner patio stone). Is it a problem to have 6" thick house siding type stone used as the patio and walkway stone? In other words, will masons have a hard time setting the stone, or it will be too uneven to walk on, etc? Picture of stone blend attached and plan of area to be "stoned" attached.

The exact blend of 2 types of darker & lighter stones sold as "house siding" stone:

Layout showing front entryway, patio, part of front of house:

Perspective - orange is stone area to walk on. Note how much stone on siding this part of house.

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