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Toilet Clogged- need help!

Del Tom
2 months ago

Hello! I need some professional advice. I have a Kohler Highline 1.6 GPF toilet tank, installed intentionally because my daughter has a GI disease and her BM tend to be dense and un-flushable. I typically do not flush her BM but she got to the flusher handle before I could stop her… now the toilet won’t flush properly…

We tried a plunger, toilet auger twice, baking soda and vinegar, hot water with dish soap, plumber adjusted all the mechanisms in toilet tank. Still the water isn’t flushing right. It isn’t powerful, takes multiple flushes to really go down.

What’s the next step?? What do I need to do? Will replacing the toilet even help if the problem is in the pipes? Do I need to do a drain clean out? Power auger? I’m hosting the holidays here and need to get this issue resolved before then, Please help!

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