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Bedroom, how to fit furniture

Ely Lu
2 months ago

Hello everyone,
I moved into a new house but I have the same furniture that seemed to fit in the old house (in 2 separate rooms). Now I have a queen size bed, a wardrobe, 2 Malm dresser and the TV on the wall.
There is a double window and a door window that lets you go to the balcony.
In the pictures you will notice one of the dressers I painted white. I wanna do the same to the other one.
There is a small table near the bed I wanna get rid of. Also I tried to move the wardrobe but it doesn't fit anywhere but there.
I'm from Italy so all the measurements are in centimetres on the pictures. Hope it's not a problem.
Please give me some ideas. I can't feel comfortable in this bedroom yet.

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