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Help with floor stain color

P. Wirth
2 months ago

HI. I hope the Houzz community can help me. I have red oak flooring, both 70 years old in some rooms, new red oak put down in kitchen.

I actually like a warm wood tone. I am NOT trying to cancel the inherent red with a green-based stain.

My entire small house has antique mahogany and cherry furniture. Yellow undertones look awful with our furniture. I don't want an orange undertone, I want a warm reddish brown tone but can't go dark. I like the Duraseal English Chestnut, but by itself is too dark once water-popped. We had a sample of Duraseal Early American put down, and it's reading YELLOW. We had Early American mixed with nutmeg- but then it went orange. Please, if you have a solution for me, please help. Thanks in advance

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