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Tiny kitchen reno is a go - last bit of layout help?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hello all!

Forgive me in advance for the length. It's just so nice to be back!

Six years ago, I cannot believe it was that long, I posted asking for some help renovating my tiny kitchen. I linked to my old post, where you can see pictures of my kitchen in its current configuration.

Life happened, and for various reasons I had to put that renovation aside. But now I'm back and I am really hoping the renovation is a go now. Benjesbride, Buehl, bbtrix and many others whose user names I can't remember -- if you are still here -- will probably recognize this layout, because this is almost exactly the ideas that you had for me.

One of the suggestions that was made to me six years ago was to open up my kitchen to the living room. For various reasons (mostly financial) I can't do that right now. Another suggestion was to get the cabinets to wrap around the kitchen, close up my pantry area (which is shown on the left of the fridge) and make the kitchen into a U shape. I can't do that either.

But, I can make a layout that is better than what I have now.

Here's some last ideas I wanted to run past you all:

1. First, I did take the overwhelming advice I was given six years ago to move the sink away from the range. I got an estimate from a plumber and it is expensive but not cost prohibitive.

I'm considering changing the 30 inch sink cabinet shown now into a 24 inch sink cabinet, and getting the largest D-shaped sink I can find for that space. The largest shaped D sinks for a 24-in sink cab are just as long as what I have now and three inches wider from front to back. And they're much deeper. My biggest problem with my current sink is its lack of depth, not its size. I would LOVE to have a larger sink, and maybe in another lifetime or some future renovation...but right now, the idea of having 36 inches of work space PLUS a three drawer stack for cutlery/dishes/pots/pans is very appealing. Also, it would make the kitchen very symmetric in its asymmetry! 48 inches of stuff, then 36 inches of workspace, then 48 inches of more stuff.

(I do not want to get a smaller dishwasher.)

2. I was told that I cannot get a "double Kungsfors" grid to the right of my window, because it requires 51 inches and I only have 48 1/2 inches on that wall. So instead of mounting the Kungsfors elements on rails as it's commonly shown, I am considering getting the two pieces I really want (the grid and the dishrack) mounting them next to one another (that's only about 43 inches) and then putting floating shelves above. This is because if I move my sink to the right, I don't want to have cabinets in my face. And I want a place to store mixing bowls and a stuff like that. Thoughts?

3. On the "refrigerator wall," I'm considering getting 20 inch doors on that wall cabinet and using the bottom space to hold a microwave. Just a regular microwave, nothing built in or anything like that. Thoughts? There would be a lot of "extra" space around the microwave but whatever, it needs the ventilation. Currently I have a microwave on that counter but that's not a good place for it; too much mail and junk and stuff ends up on that surface.

4. No in-cabinet trash storage. I've thought about this and I just don't see how it can work in my limited space -- plus, I'm fine with it being out. Again, maybe something for my next renovation but I can live with a trash can in view.

Anything else I'm not thinking of? Any red flags? I hope that some of you experts are still around! You've been so helpful and I could not have come up with these ideas without you.

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