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Exterior door, inner surface.

2 months ago

I need a new front door. My house has a small stoop, no overhang except a deeper than normal jamb. So I need a door with a warranty that covers the exposure.

I am looking at Simpson with UltraBlock and WaterBarrier because I want a wood door, especially interior

My interior doors are solid slab, lacquered in a shop, satin finish pretty much like a kitchen cabinet finish. It has held up very well on the room doors, but we don't touch them really. My original plan was to have the interior of the door lacquered and paint the outside.

For various reasons, I have been thinking about matching the door to the kitchen cabinets and some adjacent millwork, in rift sawn oak. I would still paint the outside of the door.

The obvious solution would be to get the rift sawn oak door from Simpson. But it doubles the price of an already expensive door. I know you can't veneer one surface of a door without veneering the other surface, because it will warp.

Could a skin like that used for sides of kitchen cabinets be used if it was mechanically fastened to the door rather than adhered like a veneer, or would that warp too? I have seen millwork added to one surface of a door only.

I did ask a different question, about door hardware, but no one answered that, so this isn't really a duplicate post. The hardware can accommodate the additional thickness.


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