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Tub to shower conversion size concern

2 months ago

Our house has 3 tubs and we are planning on ripping the tub in the second upstairs bath out and converting to a shower only. I will have it tiled with a curb and plan on getting a curved shower rod to help with elbow room. Its the big kids bathroom and i wont do a glass enclosure as i dont want to spend $2500 and argue over squeegee and cleaning. The dimensions will be 32”x67.5”My concern is that the curb will be 6" so the actual floor space will be 26". Ive read about lots of people converting theirs when they only have 30". Do these conversions feel weird with that small of floor space? Am i missing something? Will this be okay? I cant expand as my toilet is directly next to the shower and is already 15” off center.

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