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Vent Under Cabinets Missing Heating Boots

Tom 2
2 months ago

I bought a new house last year and I had a home inspection completed at the close to one year mark. The inspector noticed under the two bathroom vanities and the kitchen sink that are 'missing heating boots'. The heat in those cavities is something else when we turn up the heat to start the day. They are melting the dishwasher pods through the container.

Wondering if this meets code. I live in Canada.

Now, even if code required a boot, I have a very important, critical question; do you think this is something that needs to be addressed? I have seen other posts about this very issue and it sounds like it is a common practice. The fix for this would be difficult (not sure) and would require, in my opinion, cutting open the cabinet base behind the cabinet doors to access the area. Three locations, two bathrooms and the kitchen. The basement bathroom supply is on the ceiling.

This is a one year old house.

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