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Soffit vents & Attic Baffles & Insulation question

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

My eves have 15" overhang and contain soffit vents, the attic is blown insulation and I just finished expanded the vents holes and cleaning out the eves of blocking insulation where the soffits were. It was easy to get the insulation out of the eve from the outside of the house but is difficult to access while in the attic.

I'm in the process of putting attic baffles up in the attic where the soffit vents are, some vents span 2 rafters so I've cleared out both sides and putting baffles up on each side.

My question is, is it OK to leave the other areas that have no soffit vents full of insulation? I might be able to access about 75% of the eves to clear them out from the attic but not sure it's necessary or beneficial, can't seem to find any info that clarifies. I have about 5 soffits on each side of the house, the house is gable style and the overhang/eve runs around the perimeter of the house. I will blow in more insulation when I'm done with the baffles and putting up a radiant barrier.

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