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Any Cryptomeria 'Elegans' in the non-PNW/CA parts of US?

davidrt28 (zone 7)
2 months ago

This is in that category of 'threads I think I might have started before, but I now see no evidence that I actually did'. I suspect that the perma-juvenile foliage makes them harder to grow in non-maritime or non-Asian monsoon climates.

My evidence: have seen them even in common garden settings in the PNW and UK, outside of arboreta. There used to be some in Rye, Sussex, for example, visible in someone's back garden. (perhaps a segreto garden, if someone gets the allusion)

I have never seen them anywhere in the southern or eastern US.

Scott Arboretum has 'Elegans Compacta'

Longwood and NCSU have 'Elegans Nana'.

But none have the large form.

I've tried 2 of them and they slowly declined then died. I very seldom see them at nurseries, even mail order ones, that cater to the east coast.

Conifer50? Dean?

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