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looking for advice on achieving 1930’s vibe

Sunny Fields
3 months ago

I bought this house last December. It’s a very simple ranch that needs a lot of help. I haven’t done a lot inside to change it because I’m trying to decide what I want for a look. The photos of my living room and kitchen are of when I bought it I have since added a very basic area rug and IKEA furniture but I’m not loving it. I also have added white blinds to all windows, including the front. I have eclectic taste, more minimalist than busy. I found this couch on marketplace and fell in love with it. I brought it home and shampooed it but now I’m not sure what to do with it. I also found this mirror, and they both look to belong in the same genre. I checked out Pinterest and really like the photos I found with 1930s decor. Any thoughts or suggestions? The photos are of my home

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