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Lower Sugar Snack Mix for Kids

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I am helping my mom to host the little ones for a Christmas movie party this weekend. I want to make a snack mix for during the movie that is pretzel heavy and chocolate light -- it can have chocolate bits (m&ms? cadbury snowballs?) IN it but I don't want to drizzle it-- that's just too much chocolate.

Ive never made a snack mix.. no chex mix or muddy buddies or any of that. I see a lot of the snack mix recipes use something to bind the mix.. butter and herbs or chocolate. Do I really need a binder or coating? I was planning to do mini pretzels, a smaller amount of chocolate covered pretzels, honey nut chex, peanut butter filled pretzels and a few red/white coated candies just for color. Is that enough? I could add some popcorn?

I know Trader Joe's has a couple of holiday mixes but they are all very chocolate heavy. I don't think the kids need the chocolate -- but I will also have apple slices ever so slightly dipped in chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries. The plan was to have something similar to this but my mom thinks the boys won't appreciate them ... I think they'd be delighted. I need to decide by today. Am I being OTT again? They are kind of turning my stomach with the level of sweetness this morning lol so maybe I should pass.

Other than the movie, they will get small packages including their matching Christmas PJs for Christmas Eve and I got an adorable pin the heart on the Grinch game. That's pretty much it for activities.

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