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Paint finish worries - will SW Cashmere Low Luster be too shiny?

Jane Austen
3 months ago

We are having the interior painted and I have to choose paint finishes. I would normally choose eggshell for the walls, but the painter uses Sherwin Williams Cashmere and my choices are Flat and Low Luster. (It comes in eggshell too, but isn't carried in stock in my region, and the painter, builder, and store employees all say people really can't even notice the difference between the eggshell and the low luster.)

The builder says they've done flat walls and satin (enamel) trim on most houses for the past ten years. I have small children and I need to be able to clean the walls, so flat feels out of the question. But I am worried that the low luster will be too shiny, more shiny than I would expect from the eggshell I would like. So do I roll the dice and get the low luster? Do I then pair that with semi-gloss trim or satin trim? Does anyone have experience with Cashmere low luster?

Most of our walls will be a very lightly tinted warm white. But our dining room will be a darker blue and the end of the living room that is a "library" will be a darker green. I'm especially worried that extra shine on these two rooms will make the darker color disappear in the reflection.

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