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Help with kitchen design

2 months ago

We're in the process of remodeling our kitchen. The kitchen designer sent me a premliminary design and I would like to get some opinions. I wanted to have a pretty large island to accomodate seating for 6 people, and have room for work space and buffet etc. The design has a 102" x 30" island and I suggested a 108x48 to accomodate 4 along the length and 2 people at the end. The frig is sitting alone along the back wall, accross from the island. I thought about moving the back door to the other side of the frig where there is currently a window in order to have a corner cabinet area on the frig wall but not sure it will be feasible. There's a breakfast nook at the open end that we never use and I thought about incorporating it into the kitchen and using that space to help accomodate the island visually. I hope I'm making sense. There's a family room next to the kitchen. They share the same space. So a nook to the left of the photo and a family room area on the other side of the island. I can add pics of the current space if it helps.


Does it look odd to have the frig sitting alone on the back wall?

Is a 108x48 island too large for the space, visually?

I'm attaching the design. Thanks for your input.

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