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How to get out stuck perpendicular LG orifice for an LP swap

Finley Ohrstrom
2 months ago

I am swapping my new Samsung 30in 6cuf range from NG to LP and successfully swapped oven, broiler, and all the normal cook tops, but the front right cook top has 3 orifices that need to be changed. One is normal and the 2 others are perpendicular to the cook top. This leaves no room to access them with a normal ratchet set so i bought a set of small open headed single size wrenches (not easy to find 7mm where i am) thinking itd be fine. We will it would have been, and was, for the right perpendicular orifice which came loose, but the factory over tightened the left oriifice and i cannot loosen it even with the correct size wrench. I can get a 6 sided ratchet on because there is no space.

Right now i see the options as:

1. order a 7mm ratchet wrench (what i was originally hoping to buy but not sold locally) and hope have 6 sides of contact prevent further stripping and it loosens up

2. try to take off the top of the stove or manuever things so i can fit a regular ratchet on it.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance. The orifice is brass so its incredibly soft. Seriously doubt i could tap this thing from the angle but maybe i could?

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