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Too many windows for coziness

3 months ago

One of the reasons we bought our house is that it has great natural light throughout thanks to there being lots of windows. However, now that we're living in it, I realize an uncomfortable consequence of having so many windows is the feeling of being on view to anyone walking by our house, which is also on a corner lot. We find ourselves waving to morning walkers from our breakfast table or evening walkers from the dining and living rooms. My husband isn't bothered by this. Beyond pulling the shades for privacy in the bedroom or when sun beats into a room too harshly or a cold snap calls for covering windows to keep the heat in, he wouldn't cover any of the windows at any time. But he understands that for me to feel more comfortable, some tweaks are called for. So aside from resorting to regularly covering the windows and losing the beauty of all the natural light, what are some things to do with furniture or accessory placement, or lighting to enhance privacy?

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