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spacing for round dining table

Laraine Woodruff
2 months ago

I have a small space in my dining area and want to get a round table. The problem is the inswing patio door is adjacent to the space. I’m limited to size of the table but I also want one that expands. I see that the standard recommended distance from a wall is minimum 18” but typical is about 36. I don’t have that much room in order to accommodate the door swinging in and not hitting chairs. I’m wondering about space for pushing the table close to the wall and placing the chairs on a diagonal way so there isn’t a chair against the wall (back of table) but the chairs are set up differently. I’ve looked for photos of this set up and don’t find any. Does anyone have this set up and did it make more room in your space and still look good? I hope I’m explaining this correctly! Thanks for any advice.😊

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