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Raising Kitchen Desk to Counter Height

Jill E
3 months ago

We are replacing our granite kitchen countertops with quartz. Our house was built in 1992, so we have a built-in desk in the kitchen, connected to a small section of counter. The desktop is about 5.5" lower than the countertop. When I painted the cabinets a few years ago, I enclosed the desk's seat area with cabinet doors. I'd like to bring the desk height up to that of the counter and have one solid piece of quartz for the full length. Because the desk cabinets extend lower than the counter cabinets, that would only leave about 11-12" between the counter and the bottom of the cabinets in the desk area.

Has anyone seen this done, and does it look okay? We would remove the undercabinet light fixture and also bring the desk forward 2.5" so it's the same depth as the counter. We don't need the height for appliances as we have the rest of the regular countertop (not shown). In the photo, I set up two blocks of foam on the left side of the desk to simulate the higher countertop.

My second question is with regards to the desk cabinet. One option would be to have a new one built, re-using the drawers and doors. I'm wondering if another option would be to pull the existing desk cabinet out 2.5" from the wall, add 5.5" to the height in front and put a row of either shallow drawers or false drawer fronts, and then have a waterfall edge down the right end of the desk. I'd appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or other ideas. I've seen suggestions for a coffee station, wine refrigerator, etc. in this space, but we don't like coffee, and we don't drink enough wine to need a wine refrigerator.

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