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Need advice for roofline 1961 ranch

2 months ago

I will be getting a new roof and am wondering if there is a way to add some dimension or architectural interest. We re-did the porch with new columns a few years ago so I can‘t make any changes there. I looked into changing the pitch of the roof, but it was not an affordable option.

I wish I could add a second gable, but I need suggestions on how to do this without changingNguni the current porch.

We did plant 2 camellias on the right side under the two windows, so there’s no longer a big hole in the landscaping over there.

An ENORMOUS house was built nextdoor, so I’d love to make my house look a little taller if possible. I can’t compete with the neighbors (nor do I want to), but a better balance between the two houses might be nice.

Thanks in advance!

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