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Need help with Kitchen redesign ideas

Christina Picker
2 months ago

Our house recently suffered from a broken drain line in the kitchen, and so our kitchen needs to be rebuilt. We have a contractor and have some flexibility with putting it back together, and so wanted some design suggestions, including rearrangements of shelves/appliances/etc.

See below for pictures of before and after.

Items we are considering (and open suggestions on all of these and new ideas):

  • adding upper cabinets for more storage
  • creating more cabinets/shelving
  • raise all shelves/cabinets higher on wall (remove small windows?)
  • rebuild new cabinets (soft close) with gold colored hardware
  • same granite
  • possibly move fridge and hutch
  • new place for microwave? currently under the island
  • natural wood for corner shelves instead of the white shelves?
  • farmhouse sink (porcelain) with gold faucet

Here is how the kitchen looked before the water damage:

Overall layout of kitchen/living room

Kitchen/dining area

Kitchen - Note: cabinets are white, and there are white shelves to the left of the window (see below on where we are currently at)

Hutch is off white

Dining Area - note we no longer have the credenza

dining/kitchen/living room areas

current status of kitchen

granite could not be saved

Thank you in advance!

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