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new washer & dryer advice

Joyce Kwasnik
2 months ago

First of all, thanks to all who post with their kindly advice on this forum! I'm going crazy trying to find the right washer and dryer to replace my 21 year old Maytag Neptune FL set. I feel like the washer could die at any time and don't want to get in the bind of replacing after it's broken (noise level of the spin cycle is outrageous, not to mention the mildew factor). When looking at Consumer Reports you would think that LG has the market cornered, but in checking reviews it's disheartening to read how many bad ones are out there. Anyway, the worst part of my dilemma is that we have a very narrow laundry room with current appliances at 27.5" deep, and new ones have gotten bigger. A cabinet above them is at 54" off the floor and extends 13.35" from the back wall. An entry door, which we never use is next to them. So, I'm concerned about not being able to have enough room with the specs of new appliances and don't want to pick the wrong one. We wash king size bedding as well, so the smaller capacity ones might be a problem. Has anyone else run into this? I'd love to hear opinions on brands, even though my choices in the end will probably be few because of our layout/dimensions. Thanks!

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