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My Black Thumb nursery

3 months ago

So, I've totally revised my rose ordering plans for this spring after discovering this nursery! She offers tons of rare gorgeous Japanese roses! Including the beautiful Sheherzade, that I've longed for. I placed an order for Sheherezade and Thierry Marx. They are quite expensive, but I'm ditching my planned Palatine order (I really wasn't happy with their frenzied ordering process, anyway) and probably my planned High Country order, too and a few others. Of course, I won't know until spring how her plants are, but I have a good feeling. She's delightful to deal with via email, and my impression from her story is that she's a true plant geek, just like me, and is doing this totally out of love. She's located in NC, so shipping isn't too bad here in the Northeast.

I'm actually also considering ordering from Kates Roses - they ALSO have amazing Japanese roses (I'm looking at Rainy Blue, Sea Anemone, and Lilas). They are also very expensive, but you get 10% off for signing up for emails AND free shipping (from CA, so that's significant for me here in NJ).

I've had a pretty good year from a professional financial perspective, so I'm inclined to splurge a little. And these gorgeous Japanese roses - I just never thought they'd be an option here in the US!

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