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Word of the day: hurkle-durkle

Annie Deighnaugh
2 months ago

Found on the busbee blog...

"An eighteenth-century Scottish term that means to “lounge around in bed long after you should have gotten up”.

Love it! And I've managed to accomplish it way too often, especially with retirement.

Comments (10)

  • Patriciae
    2 months ago

    So here I am hurkle-durkleing.

  • nicole___
    2 months ago

    That's an interesting combination. There's probably a word for sitting around doing nothing after your out of bed...oh yeah...lazy! 🤣

  • foodonastump
    2 months ago

    Okle-dokle now we know!

  • Elmer J Fudd
    2 months ago

    There are many regional terms used by the Scots, more than other areas but all have some. For the Scots, even in current use, there are far too many to list.

  • Fun2BHere
    2 months ago

    Fun word. Thanks, @Annie Deighnaugh

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked Fun2BHere
  • roxsol
    2 months ago

    Lars! That really made me laugh. 😁

  • OutsidePlaying
    2 months ago

    Busted! Yes, also guilty of doing this in retirement.

  • lindaohnowga
    2 months ago

    I hurkle durkle a lot.

  • yeonassky
    2 months ago

    I had a hurkle durkley Sunday and loved it guilt-free! Fun word! SIL's family is Scottish. So I can borrow the word guilt-free! He actually knew about this word.