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Any lightbulb experts? Need reco long lasting bulb for 20 ft ceiling

2 months ago

I want to replace the lightbulbs in recessed lighting in 20 ft ceilings. To my recollection, they have not been changed in the 20+ years we have lived here due to very little use. I do not know the current bulb type, which casts a glaring yellow light. One just burned out, and I have painters here this week who are willing to change them.

My requirements are: 1. long lasting (I do not want to change for another 20+ years!!); 2. as close to daylight as possible; 3. dimmable. I "thought" I was looking for a 4000K with 95+ CRI in a "BR30"?? I ordered 2 different options on amazon, but now upon further review, I am worried about the new LED lights not working with my dimmer switches, flickering, popping, and short life/ early burnout (like 1-2 years).

What specific brand and specifications would you use?? What has worked for you? Thank you!

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