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Stain window trim or paint it white?

Michelle B
3 months ago

Hi everyone. I’ve searched through discussions on this and it seems that opinions vary widely on this topic. I wanted to provide some context and photos. Please ignore cat tree as that’s not its final location. Also living room furniture and decor is work in progress so do not come for me on that. And I realize I need to paint wall with entry table green as well… OK so, we are in the process of adding window trim to all windows in our house, since none of them have any and they look very bare and boring.

Our first 2 windows we did were in the living room, and we painted the trim white. We also painted the living room a nice green color and it makes the space feel really cozy.

Now we are doing the 2 dining room windows and we’ve added the trim pieces. I’m going for sort of a cottage style mid century modern in this room. The bamboo blinds shown in the picture we will be swapping out for same style but lighter color. I can add a pic of new blind color too if that helps. I had to reorder them and get inside mount as I prefer that look. The current color blinds do match the floors nicely but they’re just a bit dark for me, and instead they’re going on the windows in our basement.

My question is, these dining room windows, would it be acceptable to stain the trim to try to match the color of our dining table and the kitchen cabinets? This room is open to the living room, and the living room flows to this room. But I have somewhat separated them by painting the living room green.

Keep in mind we live in the mountains and our surroundings are pretty forested so stained wood wouldn’t be out of place here. But all baseboards are white. And I am wondering since the living room and dining room are so close in proximity, if it would feel disjointed and mess up the flow if we stained them instead of keeping with the white? I also read that you shouldn’t stain them unless the wood is furniture grade, which this is not. It’s just regular pine lumber.

I appreciate any insight or advice!

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