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Family room upgrade - what would YOU do?

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago


We have a 14’ x 24’ family room with multiple French doors that we are re-doing. We are installing new porcelain tile flooring and purchased a 10’x14’ area rug (see pics for photos of the room taken today as the tile installer just finished the tiles (grout going in Monday), of the adjacent backyard/garden area, of the area rug, and a to-scale sketched floor plan of the room both without and with the new area rug placed).

The French doors on the top of the floor plan open to our backyard garden, and the French doors on the right, bottom, and left of the floor plan open to the dining room, living room, and hallway, respectively. We are planning to keep the 2 sets of French doors to the dining room and the right side of the living room permanently closed to be able to use the door space as wall space in all three rooms.

If you have any thoughts about any or all of these questions we would most appreciate it. Thank you!

  1. Does the placement of the area rug asymmetrically to the right of the family room look OK in the floor plan? We want to put a seating area around the large TV that will be mounted on the wall and then perhaps have a game table/open floor area on the rug to the right for our tween kids to play (they still like to play on the floor and want a rug, not tile for that). We want to play games and watch movies in this room and also love to sit in here and enjoy the view of the yard. We thought about getting 2 rugs instead of the 1 large, but wanted to have a more unified rug space and have the maximum amount of rug-covered floor space for the kids to play on. Do you think we should have 2-3 rugs instead of the 1 large or will the 1 large work ok?
  2. We are getting all new furniture for the room. What would you recommend for both for furniture type and for furniture placement for the area rug living space furniture and the furniture on the left side of the room where the traffic flow is? (the pink arrows on the floor plan show the flow of traffic).
  3. We need to replace the weathered French doors that open to the backyard, and are considering either just getting new French doors, or turning those French doors and the 2 adjacent windows into a glass wall (two glass doors, French or sliding, flanked by two floor-to-ceiling glass windows) or a set of several floor-to-ceiling arched windows with French doors in the center), or maybe floor to ceiling sliding glass or some other aesthetically pleasing arrangement. What would you do with those windows to maximize the view of the backyard garden (see the photo of the backyard garden attached)? We should say that the theme of the house and yard is loosely “French quarter” - we have Bevolo gas lamps in the back yard and on the front porch and lots of brick.
  4. What color(s) should couches/chairs be? We were thinking either light-to-medium blue or burnt orange based on the colors in the area rug. The backyard brick is also a burnt-orange-ish color. My husband thinks burnt orange furniture would be too much orange given the peach colored walls (which we are not changing) and thinks blue or another contrasting color is better. What colors would YOU use in furnishing/decorating this room?
  5. We are also thinking of adding some greenery (such as artificial potted palms/trees/ferns or even live ones). What would you do in this regard?

Thank you!

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