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Gas dryer hookup question

Jess Barrett
3 months ago

So I just bought a new gas dryer and was about to hook it up but also think it's a good time to consider if any changes need to be made to the way the old one was hooked up for example replacing the old gas cable. So I have several questions I'd appreciate some advice on. I believe I understand the difference between male and female threads but I apologize if I have them mixed up but hopefully the pics I attached will help

1) The new dryer came with a 3/8 male threads and the new flex gas cable kit came with 3 adapters to fit to 3/4" flare threads. 2 of them are 1/2" MIP and one is 1/2" FIP. Can I use one of the 1/2" MIP adapters as the 3/8" dryer pipe fits inside of it? (the one on right in the photo of the 3 adapters) Then I could hook the flex gas cable on to that.

2) At the other end of the end of the equation is what i believe appears to have a 1" to 1/2" reducer on it but is also not far off the floor making it very hard to get the flex gas pipe threaded onto it so I was going to add a 90 degree elbow there but then today I was watching a video and they mentioned that a "T" should be added so there can be a spot for sediment to drop too and then be cleaned out. So now I'm thinking if I did that then I wouldn't need to add an elbow as the T would obviously take care of that aspect. So how critical is this T with a plug/cap for cleanout? And if you did add that would you you first remove the reducer above it as well? I guess I just think the less fittings you have for possible leaks the better right?

3) What would be a good way to secure this gas pipe coming down the wall better too so it's not bouncing around putting stress on the joints, etc. It's odd because the pipe comes down the wall at an angle getting further from the wall the further you go down the wall so that's what make it's not so obvious for me on how to secure it.

I hope the images help and I thank anyone for any advice in advance!

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