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What Size Vanity Should I get for this Space?

Sheila Shinn
3 months ago

The current built-in vanity is 77 3/8 inches wide. Of course I can’t find a ready to buy vanity in 77 inches. There’s a few in 78 inches but idk how it would look if we cut into the wall to fit it (probably horrible). Should I buy a 72 or would it look weird with space around it? Should I look at custom built vanities or will they be ridiculously expensive? Our budget is small. The only reason we are redoing our bathroom is because the shower has a huge leak and the tile around the shower are popping up. I figured we should go ahead a redo the vanity too since we probably want to tile underneath and the laminate is separating from the doors. Plus the doors are crooked and the countertop hurts my eyes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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