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Does ANYONE love their Ilve range?

3 months ago

When I am remodeling a kitchen, I usually choose everything based on common sense/quality, but fall for one pretty face. I want that Ilve 30" range, but don't have a dealer or servicer nearby (I am in Boston and the closest is on Cape Cod). I have read many complaints, but few raves and would love to hear from people who actually use the stove rather than just gazing at it (like I would), or just had it installed in the last month. I cannot see how choosing the Hallman brand over Ilve brand would make a difference, because it is just a chrome nameplate they screw on the front, but could that be wrong? I live in an 1850s building with narrow winding stairs, so just wondering if the grief is worth it. Thanks for any current input and ideally photos. Happy Holidays.

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