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Sufficient support and okay install for floating granite countertop?

Eddy Money
3 months ago

I am having granite countertops installed in my kitchen (Pitaya) and have a floating section that measures about 84" by 24". I am working to get proper support added. The most practical option that I have found so far is the following in the 20" deep by 14" high option: Standard Front Mount Countertop L Bracket | Granite Countertop Support - IronSupports

I purchased 5 to hit each of the available studs in this area. Two questions:

1. These brackets indicate that there should be no more than a 3" overhang. Technically, my counters will have 4" overhang (24" depth - 20" bracket size = 4"). Is the incremetal inch a major issue?

2. According to the instructions, these are required to be installed directly on studs and not on top of drywall, however this is an original plaster/lathe wall. This seems odd to me, other than the fact that gypsum board could compress over time (there are pictures as well of this product being mounted directly on the outside of island cabinets). Am I okay to mount these directly on my plaster/lathe walls? I play to use 3 - 3.5" screws in place of the 2.5" screws provided.

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