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Unhappy with kitchen

2 months ago

how the kitchen looks finished vs how it looked with just cabinets, subfloor and countertop BEFORE LVT, paint, hardware, appliances (I thought it was SO pretty then) What went wrong? Please help me save this new kitchen and give it the scandi, mid century , soft girl-kitchen vibe I wanted.

(I had a kitchen designer. I was also given a lot of input .)
We chose a 3-color cabinet scheme, and it is a small kitchen. But I did like the natural maple stain, black stain and white paint cabinets together when they went in. The cabinet colors on their own I was happy with. When the counters went in , it was still ok.
Then LVT floor, paint, appliances, cabinet hardware, lighting and now I hate it all together.
is it the paint color that’s wrong? the sable (off-black) hardware? my gut told me it wasn’t the right hardware, but then I let my designer talk me into it. I regret not doing knobs on upper cabinets. I find all the pulls way too loud. most of my saved kitchens on houzz have minimalist hardware.
This installed LVT wasn’t what I originally chose, but the one i signed off on became available. At that point the cabinets had already been ordered and I had to pick a new floor. i think the wood tone cabinets and the lvt clash.
I don’t dislike the LVT, but the maple cabinets are pulling so orange. is it the sable hardware contributing to them pulling orange? would brass work better? I personally like brass hardware better.
How can I save the look of this kitchen? I want a Scandinavian/mid century vibe? Not industrial.
Thank you

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