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overzealous packing to move

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

So I thought - after this year I won't be here in the winter so need to move all the Christmas stuff. I haven't had a tree since I got the kitten and I figured with packing, moving, etc. I'd be too busy for Christmas decor and we don't host any Christmas events. Well, now everything has been packed and picked up by the movers and I have some free time......and a scrooge house. I can't stand it plus we are having our annual Christmas houseguest - a high school friend of DH who comes to town to see his 100+ year old mum. So I dug around and found some Christmas mugs and a few miscellaneous bowls and plates that I forgot about (fortunately) and set them out in the kitchen. Then I decided I needed to buy a few things - Christmas towels for the kitchen, a runner for the dining room table and a few candles. I left some sparkly cranberry colored woven placemats behind and pulled them out. It's pretty lame but at least there are a few signs of Christmas. Thought about getting a wreath for the front door but I moved all my wreath holders and there were none conveniently located by the wreaths I looked at. Oh well - next year will be more festive.

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