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Kitchen update -- where to spend the money

Jami Reagan
2 months ago

Need advice for this AZ mountain home. Want it to feel modern, cozy and cabin

y. Color palette is taupe, black, blue and white. I plan to update countertops, paint cabinets, take down bar to counter height and buy a new undermount sink. I plan to paint cabinets a creamy taupe color. Was thinking a white stone with minimal movement since the cabinets are busy. Questions:

1. What do I do about the microwave in the wall? Should I buy a new smaller microwave and frame it? Do I need to add cabinets above and below to make it look intentional? There is definitely space below because it is under a stairwell. The microwave wall angle is odd.

2. Should I invest in a new range/oven and hood? If so, which brand? Current appliances are Jenning. If so, should I delete upper cabinets above hood and on either side? Or do a stainless steel wall mount hood and only delete cabinet directly above?

3. I've found marble slabs for the same cost as quartz. Should I use marble or stick with quartz due to kids and possibly renters?

4, I was thinking a simple white monochromatic tile backsplash to bottom cabinet height. Should I do straight set squares? Or subway-style tile?

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