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Best cleaning products for home (Wood floors, Quartz countertops)?

2 months ago

Our last home cleaners used a variety of (discount, bulk purchase) cleaning products in our home that we were not happy with, and to some extent, confident in for our home. They used a wood floor cleaner that had some type of gloss "shine" finish, that permanently changed our wood floor finish. They were surprised to hear that we did not want our wood floors to appear more shiny. For that reason and others, we no longer use them.

I'm curious, when hiring cleaners for your home, if folks tend to provide a list of approved cleaning products that you want them to use (and other products that you do not want them to use)?

And moreover, do folks have any recommendations for best cleaning products for (now recently refinished) wood floors, food-prep and non-prep countertops, etc.? We now have new quartz kitchen countertops (food-prep area) as well to be sure that we're both cleaning aesthetically, and also for health/safety.

Thanks in advance!

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