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Undercabinet lights failing; DH says, "This is savage!"

3 months ago

Ok, I know that's overly dramatic, and I thought this community could sympathize.

We renovated our kitchen about five years ago after almost 10 years of planning. We have been absolutely thrilled with our kitchen, including the first item on our list of must-haves: dimmable undercabinet LED lighting with diffusers.

We're early adopters, and what was available in our area at the time was a lot less plug-and-play than the options today. The lights our electrician recommended and installed required lots of finicky micro-soldered connections between jumpers (from the wall) and the ends of the LED strips. One of those connections has been failing.

Over the past week, every time we turned on the UCLs, we had to walk over to the failing connection and just touch it to get that section to turn on. Yesterday, it wouldn't turn on at all. I work at home, and all day I kept getting more and more frustrated that I didn't just have UCLs that WORK.

DH got home last night, looked at the part of the kitchen with no UCLs, and half jokingly said, "This is savage!" We looked at each other and immediately busted up laughing. With so many issues going on in the world, if this is the biggest thing affecting us today, we're doing ok! And we can either fix the connection or pull all the old LED and install new plug-and-play.

If you read this far, I hope our melodrama made you chuckle! And I'd love to hear anyone else's melodrama that might offer some comic relief from the more serious side of kitchen renos and life in general.

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