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7x13 Custom Closet

Sara G
3 months ago

I’m trying to piece together a custom closet solution for our new build, but I’ve 1) never had a closet this big and 2) never had a custom closet. I’ll be sharing this space with my husband. I have slightly more clothing than him, but we currently use two small closets (not even standard sized) + 8 dresser drawers + utilize above the hanger shelving for our clothing. We would both prefer to hang more/all of our clothing as we are both visual dressers and forget we have clothing if we can’t see it. We do not have many accessories/jewelry. What items do you feel are must-haves and does anyone have suggestions for my space?

Note on the photo - the door to the room with the extra closet is our laundry room. The wall cannot be moved.

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