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Ideal Soil Mix for Italian Cypress?

I have some Swane's Golden Italian Cypress, which is a yellowish variety of the standard Cupressus sempervirens. These will start off in a raised bed so I can create an ideal soil mix. The raised bed is on top of a clay loam soil (San Francisco Bay Area zone 9b). Would a bark-based soil mix work well?

I buy a mix from Ciardella's Garden Supply in Palo Alto named Ciardella's Mix. It's somewhat comparable to the 5-1-1 mix by @tapla (mid-Michigan, USDA z5b-6a). This is a very well-drained soil, highly organic, and has good structure. I have found most container plants thrive in it, and I have a few raised beds with this as the soil layer over clay loam, and the plants in those beds have thrived. I realize that some do not like to create layers of soil and prefer to just use the normal clay loam as the raised bed soil. The mix I am using is not expensive by the cubic yard and money should not be a reason to reject it. Is there any reason to reject using this as a raised bed soil mix for Italian Cypress?

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