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Modern Walkway with Rest Stops

Michelle NJ
3 months ago

Good Afternoon, Houzzers! I’m helping my parents, 76 and 80, build their dream home. All important things are on first floor so they really never need to go up (guest rooms/storage) or down (loungy den for grandkids/storage). The walk from the sidewalk to the house is a bit steep. Any suggestions as to how to create some kind of modern/geometric/clean walkway toward the front deck that offers places to stop and rest—maybe with simple modern guardrail??? —in a way that looks intentional and kinda cool? Having a hard time finding inspo pics with any resting stops. Please post pics if you can. Looking forward to all your creativity! Here is a picture of what house will look like (it’s already framed) as well as some cool pathway pics for inspiration. :)Thanks.

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